Legal translation

When it comes to the search for a reliable provider of translation services for legal documents, we are the name that gets the priority and the preference of clients.  Offering accurate, legal translation services through the hands of professional experts at modest rates, we have secured our standing as the leading legal translation company in Brussels, with a customer satisfaction rate of close to 100%.

Our legal translation services cover the following areas

  • Statutes and Business contracts.
  • International Property Rights.
  • Documents for Registration.
  • Documents related to Patent and Taxation laws.
  • International Trade Law and Labour law documents.
  • Immigration documents.
  • Court cases and litigation materials.
  • Sworn translations, and all other types of legal papers.

Quality Control and Confidentiality

We adhere to international quality control standards and norms, and hence, you can rest assured that your legal translation texts will be handled by professionals with a legal background. Before delivering the final work, texts go through a series of quality control checks to ensure that we are delivering accurate work. In addition, we have a robust customer support team that works round the clock offering clients the assistance they need.

Your confidentiality is our key concern, and we are working on a secure and foolproof IT environment. All our employees have signed non-disclosure agreements concerning any information that they might come across in the course of their professional occupation. In addition, we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients,

We have the experts to handle your assignments

Our key strength lies with the expertise and efficiency of our workforce, and all our legal assignments are handled by highly proficient legal professionals with extensive experience of handling similar types of assignments. This ensures that your legal document translation will be completed with the maximum accuracy.