Medical Translation

With decades of experience and a formidable record for consistently offering the most accurate and reliable medical translation services, we are now the most highly sought-after medical translation company. Offering a wide range of services under one roof through the hands of experienced and expert professionals, we have defined the standard of excellence in medical translation services. If you are looking for a provider of medical translations at the best price you need to talk to us.

Our areas of expertise in medical translation and the type of documents we deal with

  • Clinical Research: we are pleased to offer our medical and pharmaceutical translation services to the top contract research and pharmaceutical companies and according to our client reviews, these companies are extremely happy with our services. In the domain of clinical research, we offer comprehensive services, and with us, you can be assured of the accuracy of the translated text. We handle translations for: Case Reports, Clinical Observation Protocol, Investigator’s Brochure, Patient Questionnaires & Diaries, as well as the information consent forms for patients.
  • Regulatory Compliance: if you have to get authorization and approval on new formulations, needless to say, there is an extensive amount of paper work. As per the European standards, you require documents to be translated into several European languages, and this is where you are likely to need our services. We can deal with the translation of the Product Characteristic Summary, Package leaflets, as well as the packaging labels. All our work complies with the norms and standards as set in the EMC guideline, and hence, your complete satisfaction is assured.
  • Medical Devices: this is an extensive area as it covers all the equipment and devices that are used in the medical service industry. Medical device companies are required to furnish basic information about their devices to users, and this involves users speaking different international languages. You can avail of our translation services for the User Manual, Maintenance Manuals, software, marketing contents, and brochures.

Our medical translation expert team

Our key strength lies with the expertise and efficiency of our workforce, and all our medical translation assignments are handled by highly proficient legal professionals with extensive experience of handling similar types of assignments. This ensures that your medical translation document will be completed with the maximum accuracy.